Sri.P.B.A.SwamyPBA Swamy

 Son of Anna Rangachariar and the distinguished disciple of Jagadguru Ananthacharya
Hails from the family of Prathivaadhi Bhayankaram Anna one of the Ashtadiggajas
Recipient of Innumerable awards ,inclusive of that of the President of India
Invincible eloquent orator in Tamil,Sanskrit,Telugu and Hindi also

Kanchipuram,the jewel of Thondai naadu known for its intellectuals is his birthplace
Author of more than 1200 books covering a wide range of 16 subjects
Never hesitates to condemn promptly the wrong interpretations of Vedhaanthic truths
Consecrated the NampiLLai sannidhi at Kaanchi in memory of his peerless 3600padi
Had arranged and conducted spiritual tours to Badrinaath several times
In an inimitable style ,has written lucid commentary for all the 4000 Azhwaar songs

Published most of the sanskrit stothrams with thamizh meaning ,including that of Sri Vedhaanthaachaaryar aka Sri Vedantha Desikaa
Best friend of both the Shankaraachaaryas (kanchi periyavar & Puri Poojyar)
Ardent devotee of Athigiri AruLaaLar,The Lord of PerumaaL Koyil

Savya saachin in writing as well as proof reading
Well versed scholar to the core in Ubhaya Vedhaanthaas (sanskrit and thamizh)
August editor of “Sri Raamanujan” the evergreen magazine of Sri Vaishnava sampradhaaya
Manju BhaashiNi ,Amrutha Lahiri and Brahma vidhyaa were also published by him
Indefatigable enthusiasm ( he used to work on his writings 18 hours a day ) was the secret of his success

Courtesy : Sri Vaishnava scholar ,D.Rangachariar swamy,Srirangam