Mozhiyaik Kadakkum PerumpugazhaaLar – Nam Koorathazhwaan

Kooram , near Kaanchipuram is his birth place ( Asterism ,Sowmya thai hastha)

Undisputed scholar,who was consulted even by Raamaanujaa himself

Renouncing his entire wealth he became the disciple of Raamaanujaa and lived on alms

Author of Panchasthavas (Sree Varadharaaja sthavam,Sree Sthavam ,Sri Vaikunta sthavam, Sundarabaahusthavam and Athimaanushasthavam)

Thiruvarangath Amudhanaar was enlightened and made a disciple of Raamaanuja by his diplomacy and tactfulness

His 2 sons Sree Paraasara bhattar and Sri Vedavyaasa bhattar were equally blessed

Attained Mokshaa by the Grace of Lord Ranganaathaa prior to Raamaanujaa so as to receive him there


Zealous Sree Vaishnavaa and personification of all Sree Vaishnavaa virtues


He lost his vision to protect Raamaanujaa from the evil king Krimikanda Chozhaa

Wonderful memory power was his asset which was instrumental in the completion of the Magnum Opus Sree Bhashyaa by Raamaanujaa

Andaal his ideal wife co-operated with him sincerely both in prosperity and austerity alike


Naalooraan ,though a traitor was assured of Mokshaa due toAazhwaan’s compassion

Courtesy – Great Sri Vaishnavaa scholar from Srirangam , Sri. D.Rangaachaari swamy ,East chitraa street Srirangam.