Dear Sree VaishNava perunthagaiyeer,

krishNa learnt under guru saandheepani as a
student what are known as the Aaya KalaigaL 64 ‘ –many a times we do not come across the list of those 64
kalaigaL.  Indhak  kuRai theera idhO andha 64 kalaigaL list – see how
comprehensive it is.

The Lords Krishna and balaraama learned:

1.         geetham – singing;

2.         vaadhyam – playing on musical instruments

3.         nrithyam – dancing

4.         naaTyam – drama

5.         aalEkhyam – painting;

6.         vi*s*Eshaka-cchEdhyam – painting the face and body with colored
unguents and cosmetics;

7.         tandula kusuma bali vikaaraa: – preparing auspicious designs on
the floor with rice and flowers;

8.         pushpaastharanam – making a bed of flowers;

9.         da*s*ana vashanaanga-raagaa: – coloring one’s teeth, clothes and

10.     maNi bhoomikaa karmaa – inlaying a floor with jewels;

11.     *s*ayyaa rachanam – covering a bed;

12.     udaka vaadhyam – ringing water-pots;

13.     udhaka ghaatha: – splashing with water;

14.     cithra yOgaa: – mixing colors;

15.     maalya grathana vikalpaa: – preparing wreaths;

16.     *s*ekhara aapeeda yOjanam – setting a helmet on the head;

17.     nEpathya yOgaa: – putting on apparel in a dressing room;

18.     karna pathra bhangaa: – decorating the earlobe;

19.     sugandha yukthi: – applying aromatics;

20.     bhooshana yOjanam – decorating with jewelry;

21.     aindhra jaalam – jugglery – [magic?]

22.     kouchumaara yOga: – the art of disguise;

23.     hasta laaghavam – sleight of hand;

24.     chithra *s*aakaapoopa bhakshya vikaara kriyaa: – preparing varieties
of salad, bread, cake and other delicious food;

25.     paanaka rasa raagaasava yOjanam – preparing palatable drinks and
tinging draughts with red color;

26.     soochee vaaya karmaa – needlework and weaving;

27.     soothra kreedaa – making puppets dance by manipulating thin threads;
28.     veenaa damaruka vaadhyaani – playing on a flute and a small X-shaped

29.     prahElikaa – making and solving riddles;

30.     (29a) pratimaalaa – capping verses, or reciting poems verse for
verse as a trial of memory or skill;

31.     dhurvaachaka yOgaa:  – uttering statements difficult for others to

32.     pusthaka vaachanam – reciting books;

33.     naaTika aakhyaayikaa dhar*s*anam – enacting short plays and writing

34.     kaavya samasyaa pooraNam – solving enigmatic verses;

35.     paththikaa vEthra baaNa vikalpaa: – making a bow from a strip of
cloth and a stick;

36.     tharku karma, spinning with a spindle;

37.     thak*s*aNam – carpentry;

38.     vaasthu-vidhyaa – architecture;

39.     roupya rathna  pareekshaa – testing silver and jewels;

40.     dhaathu vaadha: – metallurgy;

41.     maNi raaga jnaanam – tinging jewels with various colors;

42.     aakara-jnaanam – mineralogy;

43.     vriksha aayur vEdha yOgaa: – herbal medicine;

44.     mEsha kukkuTa laavaka yudhdha vidhi: – the art of training and
engaging rams, cocks and quails in fighting;

45.     *s*uka *s*aarikaa pralaapanam – knowledge of how to train male and
female parrots to speak and to answer the questions of human beings;

46.     uthsaadhanam – healing a person with ointments;

47.     kE*s*a maarjana kou*s*alam – hairdressing;

48.     akshara mushTikaa kathanam – telling what is written in a book
without seeing it, and telling what is hidden in another’s fist;

49.     mlEcchitha kutharka vikalpaa: – fabricating barbarous or foreign

50.     dhE*s*a bhaashaa jnaanam – knowledge of provincial dialects;

51.     pushpa *s*akaTikaa nirmithi jnaanam – knowledge of how to build toy
carts with flowers;

52.     yanthra maathrikaa – composing magic squares, arrangements of
numbers adding up to the same total in all directions;

53.     dhaaraNa maathrikaa – the use of amulets;

54.     samvaachyam – conversation;

55.     maanasee kaavya kriyaa – composing verses mentally;

56.     kriyaa vikalpaa: – designing a literary work or a medical remedy;

57.     chalithaka yOgaa: – building shrines;

58.     abhidhaana kO*s*a cchandhO jnaanam – lexicography and the knowledge
of poetic meters;

59.     vasthra gOpanam – disguising one kind of cloth to look like another;

60.     dhyootha vi*s*Esham – knowledge of various forms of gambling; (so)
aakarsha-kreedaa – playing dice;

61.     baalaka kreedanakam – playing with children’s toys;

62.     vainaayikee vidhyaa – enforcing discipline by mystic power;

63.     vaijayikee vidhyaa – gaining victory;

64.     vaithaalikee vidhyaa – awakening one’s master with music at dawn.

Only that 29 and 29 *a* are not in close proximity. Then it becomes 65 arts
– instead of 64.  if you combine 21, 22, 23, into two the magic jugglery and
disguise perhaps you get 64 and they are also close.

Information courtesy,

Sree M.G. Vasudevan