Ber tree -Ilandhai

வதரிகாஸ்ரமத்து ஸ்தலவ்ருக்ஷம் இலந்தை மரம் Botanical name: Zizyphus mauritiana
– [ (ZIZ-ih-fuss) an ancient Greek name derived from the Persian word zizafun; (maw-rih-tee-AY-nuh) of or from Mauritiana, a North African area ]
Rhamnaceae (buckthorn family)
– [ (RAM-nuh-see-ay) derived from generic name Rhamnus meaning shrub with a thorn, old name for buckthorn ]
Origin: South Asia (mainly India)

The tree grows very fast even in dry regions, reaching heights of 6-12 m with a lifespan of 25 years or more. The leaves are broadly ovate, 4-8 cm long, with a rounded apex.The fruit is a soft, juicy, drupe that is 2.5 cm diameter and sweet in taste. The fruit ripen at different times even on a single tree and look golden yellow when fully ripe. The size and shape is variable, with selected cultivars having larger fruit. The fruit is eaten raw or pickled or used in beverages. It is quite nutritious and rich in vitamin C.

Palaasa maram

paalasa leaves

Flame of the Forest – Palaasa maram is the sthala vrukshaa of Kazhicheeraama vinnagaram &Thiruppaarthanpalli