Thiruvallavaazh Dwajasthambam

All the Maha Temples do have Dwaja Stambam (Kodimaram). Maha Temples are considered as human body. How important the Vertebra for man is like wise important Dwaja Stambam to the Temple. It is installed between Balithara and Anakkottil. It is usually located and installed as per Vastushilpies. Dwaja Sthambam’s bottom is “Brahma Bhagam”, Middle is “Vishnu Bhagam”  Dwaja Stambam represents God’s “Sukshmashariram” and Kundalini. Bottom side of the Dwaja Stambam is ” Mooladharam” and the top is “Sahasraram”. Ashtadikpalakar Idols must be installed around the Dwaja Stambam. At the top of the Dwaja Stambam the “Vahanam” (Vehicle) of the concern Lord, Garuda is installed. . What importance we give for the Idol, similar importance is given for the Dwaja Stambam. Flag hoisting is done on the Dwaja Stambam during year festival. Dwaja Stambam is very important as it reflects the prosperity and health of the surrounding place.If involved in the installation of the Dwaja Stambam, one gets “Moksham” to himself as well as generations of him.

Kapisthalam Dhwajasthambam

UlagaLandha PerumaaL Koyil

Sree Mushnam Garudasthambam

Madhuraanthaakam Erikaatha Raamar

Mannaargudi Garudasthambham