Shree Krishnaa 

Lord Krishna served mankind for 125 years

Om Namo BhagavathE VaasudEvaaya is His manthra

Rukmini ,Jaambavathi,Sathyabhaama,Mithravindhaa ,Kaalindhi,Naagnajithi,Bhadraa,LakshmaNa were his queens

Drove the chariot of Arjunaa during the Mahaabhaarathaa war

Saandhipani taught him 64 arts in 64 days

His advent is regarded as PoorNaavathaara

Released 16,000 princesses from the clutches of Narakaasura

Infused courage and tact at critical hours

Killed many fierce Asuraas in his infancy itself

Reverely did many menial jobs for Loka Sangraha

Immortal Bhagavad geetha made him Jaghadguru

Set free all kings from Jaraasandhaa’s prison

His weapons are Sudarshanaa and paanchajanyaa with which   he curbed the pride of minor deities

Nowhere he was found in a melancholy mood

Always cheerful and Dynamic at all places –

Compilation by Sri Vaishnava scholar D.Rangaachaari swaamy,Sreerangam