Sri Vedanta Desika

Shrimaan VEnkatanaathaarya was born at Thooppul(near Kaanchi) in 1268 AD (Purattaasi -ThiruvoNam – Vibhava varsham)

He is an incarnation of the Sacred bell ( Ghantaavathaara)  of Lord Srinivaasa and the only son of Anantha soori and Thothaaramma

Raghuveera Gadhya is an essence of the RaamaayaNaa that shows his mastery in sanskrit diction.

Indefatigable Intelligency enabled him to write 116 great works (poetry,drama,philosophy etc., )

Vedhaanthaachaarya was the title bestowed upon him by none other than Lord Sri Ranganaathaa in admiration of his vedic scholarship

Ever steadfast in meticulously following the noble ideal of “simple living and high thinking ” throughout his life .

Declined politely ,the lucrative post of poet laureate offered by the Vijayanagara king and his minister VidhyaaraNyaa.

Author of various writings in Sanskrit ,Tamil & Prakrit languages covering a wide range of stothraas,Kaavyaas,exegesics and esoteric texts.

Nainaar alias Kumaara Varadhaachaarya ,his only son and Brahmathanthra swathanthraa ,his popular disciple continued his mission .

Thaathparya Chandhrikaa ,his unique explanatory work on Bhagavad Geethaa Bhaashyaa firmly establishes the superiority of Sree Raamaanujaa’s mission .

Ardently attached to the Holy temples of Kaancheepuram,Thirumalaa,Thiruvaheendhrapuram,Thirumaaliruncholai,ThiruveLLarai and Thiruvarangam.

Dhayaa sathakam,Sree Ranganaatha Paadhukaa sahasram and Rahasyathrayasaaram are some of his immortal inimitable literary gems.

Even Appayya Dheekshithaa of the adhvaitha school respected his genius and wrote a commentary on his Yaadhavaabhyudhayaa.

Sarvathanthra Swathanthraa (Master of all arts)is the honorific title conferred on him by Goddess Sree Ranganaachiyaar in recognition of his versatility .

Inspite of great difficulties during the Muslim invasion he bravely protected the 2 sons of Sudharsana Bhattaa and his Sruthaprakaasikaa .

Kavi Thaarkika KEsari (Lion among poets and logicians) is his most dignified and and distinguished epithet.

Attained paramapadham at Sreerangam in 1369 AD (Sowmya varsham)

Compiled by the great Sree VaishNava scholar D.Rangaachaary swaamy,Sreerangam.