Jai shree Hanumaan

Joyfully performed extraordinary feats

Attends Ramayana discourses even now

Invincible city of Lanka was set ablaze by him

Saviour of Seetha & Rama  

Hero of the Epic Sundarakaandam

Reverentially worshipped by one and all in Homes,Temples and even Gymnasiums

Immortal,ideal Raama Bhakthaa

Anjanananda ,Pavanathmajaa,Raamadhoothaa

None can excel him in his eloquent speech

Justly got the master’s (Lord Raamaa’s) grace of Embrace

Anyone can approach him with the Raama naamaa

Noble and Memorable  character of the Epic Raamaayana

Ever chanting Nithyasoori of the Raama naamaa

Your name gives courage and valour to the weak

Always utters the Thrayodashaakshari Shri Ram Jai Raam Jai Jai Raam

compiled by D.Rangaachaari swaamy, learned scholar,sreerangam.