Indiana Jones-Last Crusade Vs Shri Bhagavad Ramanujar’s Rahasyathrayam

Introduction : When i was a child, I used to crazily watch english movies, without knowing the English language properly (even a sentence) and pride of saying to others that i watched English movies.

I am very good at saying “Basically…. I am a North Indian.. !!!” one such movie ,I watched is Indiana Jones , Last crusade. here the hero has to solve the three puzzles to take a eternal life(Holy grail) in this world.

First Puzzle is

Hero will think at the entrance of cave.

“Breath of God – Penitent man will pass !!! ” .

The dialog goes like this

Penitent man will pass…

Penitent man will pass….

Penitent man will pass….





Penitent….. ->

Hero got a click and kneels

“Penitent man will kneel before God”…. and he suddenly kneels.

,and he survives the first Rolling axe attack.

(At the least this will be myth )

Let us turn to our sampradaayam : – see how humble our samparadaayam is , !!! Matches :(many alwaars refer themselves as DOGS before Sriyapathi)

Andru-Aayar kula makalukku araiyan thannai….Nediyaanai Adi naayaen ninainthu-it-tae-ney –

Thirunedun thaandagam – 29

Let us come to the essence of Mumukshooppadi – Thirumanthiram !!!

the Namaha patham of thirumanthiram(very .., very .., unique !!in our sampradaayam because Namaha precedes narayana patham ) says that Ahankaar ,Mahangaar has to go away , before you go for kainkaryam.

(“naan” sethu Vaarum…. !!! – A Dialogue -Thiru Vellarai Choliyan )

1.1.3 -> Neer numathu yendru ivai vaer muthal maaythu

( Totally Uproot the Ahankaar ,Mahangaar )

Ramanujar’s Walk #2 (of 18) is also meant for this.

Thirukural also says the same thing -> “Yaan Yenathu Yennum Serukkuaruppaan…”

See how this puzzle solves the Random(Yaathruchikam!!) thinking in a movie.. !!!

* * * * *

2nd Puzzle –

Indy: “The second challenge is the word of God. Only in the footsteps of God will he proceed.” (To himself) The word of God… the word of…

Indy: “Proceed in the footsteps of the word.” Let us turn to our sampradaayam : – Dvayam speeled to Piratti in Vaikuntam itself !!!

Dvayam relies heavily on Periya Piratti. Dvyam was declared to you by Sriyapathi in vaikuntam !! Sutram : Ival purushakaaram anaal allathu Easwaran kariyam seyyaan yenkai. “without piratti , easwaran will not accept us !!!. “

3rd Puzzle –

Indy : “The path of flood. Only in the leap from the lion’s head will he prove his worth.”

Indy looks around and then he notices that inscribed into the rock above his head is the head of a lion.

Let us turn to our sampradaayam : -Charama Slokam ( The Total Faith on Almighty !!!)

Tough and hard faith for comman man except for Shri Bhagavad Ramanujar and Koorathalwaan. ( I can not trust on charama slokam for sure !!)

The Leap crossing of 1 mountain to another with a 100 feet gap is like

crossing Leela Vibhuthi to Nithya Vibhuboothi. we need a lion like Shri Ramanujar who can easily jump 100 feet (Leela vibhuthi to Bithya Vibhuthi ) out of his courage. we need to stick to his legs like a ant. (here is where everyone started using a idiom – Ramanuja Daasan )

>>>The Charama slokam was given to Ramanuja by Thirukoshtiyoor Nambi after a 1 month fasting and Ramanujar gave charama

slokam to koorathalwaan after 1 month fasting . !!!

reason is Charama Slokam needs total Reliance ,trust ,believe etc.., that ‘s my observation.

* * * * * *

Hopefully my mission of spreading the rahasyathrayam by using a common comedy example will help you to lay the foundation ( correlate the above two )


– Maaran’s Dog , Toronto Canada (